Lightweight. Portable. Intuitive. A fusion of traditional practise with pioneering video technology.

Difficult intubation occurs in around 2% of routine anaesthetic cases,1 while in the pre-hospital setting the rate is as high as 7% to 10%.1 Worldwide, up to 600 patients are estimated to die annually as a result of the complications that occur during tracheal intubation.2 Direct laryngoscopy is an effective method for securing the airway while video-assisted laryngoscopy provides an improved view of the glottis.

Martab APA featuresAPA™ Video Laryngoscope is a multi-functional device designed to aid intubation for both routine and difficult airways.

As a traditional laryngoscope – the handle offers high intensity LED illumination.

As a video laryngoscope – APA™ offers improved line-of-sight visualisation (up to and including some Mallampati grade III).

As a difficult airway device – a unique prism directs the line-of-sight around the anatomy. The blade is designed to assist in lifting the epiglottis for grade III and IV cases. The built-in tracheal tube channel assists the ETT into the laryngeal opening.

As a teaching tool – the video output allows connection to an external monitor or a video transfer/recording device as an effective teaching aid for novice users and trainees.

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